Lanac za toplinu

DEP is your first step towards green investment

By using a simple procedure, simulate the best option and calculate the cost of energy production from biomass.


DEP is an online system for calculating basic elements, energy efficiency, and investments needed for various production chains for the production of energy from renewable sources.

The use of the platform does not require knowledge of any mathematical and calculative analyses. With a simple procedure, "simulate" the best option for your set of desired biomass-based projects, and after selecting the available raw materials and ultimately selecting the production chain, you will, in a very simple way, receive basic indicators that include:

  • Energy efficiency (E)
  • Total investment in EUR (InvK)
  • Total cost of human labour and cost of produced biofuel in EUR/kWh (Trt)
  • Total emission of produced biofuel in kg CO2/kWh (Gt)

By using the DEP system, you get a tool that enables a simpler and easier calculation of complex analysis related to biomass, and at the same time (if necessary) it enables changing every single element that makes up the biomass energy supply chain.

You can find out more about the Dignet Energy Platform here https://dep.dignet.hr.

How will you know if DEP is just what you need? Answer the questions below and you should be able to figure it out by yourself:

  • Do you need to calculate profitability, investment, CO2 production?
  • Do you need a clear and systematic calculation of production based on biomass pellets/hot water/electricity?
  • Do you want a strategically planned use of resources?
  • Do you need a precise mathematical and technical calculation, but you don't want to go into mathematical and calculative analyses?
  • Are you interested in the potential expansion of the possibility of using bioenergy in accordance with ecological and other restrictions?


Who can use the Dignet Energy Platform?

Anyone who needs to calculate profitability, investment, and CO2 emissions without the need for extensive prior knowledge or knowledge of production technology.

The platform enables precise mathematical and technical calculations without prior knowledge of any mathematical and calculative analyses, which is a significant step forward compared to classic engineering tools that require knowledge of complicated mathematical syntax and calculation processes.


You want to try the DEMO version of the platform?

We got you! The DEMO version is completely free and is available at the DEP DEMO.


How to choose the right subscription package?

We offer four types of license packages, and the package selection is adapted to your needs:

The basic package contains the following features and information:

  • how much energy can be produced
  • what are the specific investment costs.

It is modified for the owners of existing plants and power plants, investors, and anyone who wants to get quick information about their project.

The package includes:

  • Calculation of 5 projects max
  • Overview of project results
  • General information about chains, elements, and resources

Medium package unlike the basic package, which has limited possibilities, this one gives you more comprehensive information about all projects, like information about their successfulness and benefits, as well as its shortcomings. It provides project quality assessments and optimizations.

This package is modified for technical professionals, engineers, and consultants.

The package includes:

  • Basic package +
  • the ability to change parameters of the project
  • printing project results in pdf

Large package can be applied in strategic planning of resource use. It makes strategies and analysis for further direction of application based on price variations of energy sources, technological improvements, and resource availability of biomass.

Adjusted to experts in strategic planning at the corporate, local, or state level.

The package includes:

  • Medium package +
  • calculations for an unlimited number of projects
  • entry of the sales price of the output resource - calculation of return on investment
  • calculation of return on investment?

It is customisable to the user’s individual needs. Each user individually selects the tools that it contains.

The price of the monthly subscription/fee is formed based on the user's request and depends on the number of tools and the complexity of customization to individual needs.


How to buy a license?

Enter the following information on the link https://dep.dignet.hr/Identity/Account/Register:

  • the email address you want to use as a username
  • the password you will use to log in to the platform and once again in the field below, confirm the password

After you have entered the information, choose one of the four packages available, and click on the "Registration" button.

Within 24 hours, you will receive a quotation/proforma invoice and a contract, which is an integral part of the quotation/proforma invoice, to the email address you entered. If you have not received the contract and quotation/proforma invoice within 24 hours, please check the spam/junk inbox. After you have paid the quotation/proforma invoice and the payment is visible on our account, the login data for the system will be sent to the same email address.

One month before the license expires, you will receive a notification about the possibility of terminating the license. If you are interested in terminating the license, please reply affirmatively to the received email message. Otherwise, the duration of the subscription will be extended by an additional month.

For any additional information, feel free to contact us at dep@dignet.hr or call +385 1 6462 165.


Lanac za gorivo

The fuel chain is a set of elements that produce fuels from biomass, such as wood chips or wood pellets.

Lanac za toplinu

The heat chain produces thermal energy from the fuel it burns.

Lanac za električnu energiju

The electricity chain produces electricity from the obtained heat or fuel.

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