The State Secretary Bernard Gršić, Damir Novotny, Vedran Mornar at DignetDays 2020

At our 8th Technological conference DignetDays 2020 we had the honor to witness a very lively discussion of our panelists regarding the topic “Real sector and the development of a digital society” as part of our DignetDays conference. The members of the panel were the State Secretary Bernard Gršić , Damir Novotny, Vedran Mornar. The panel discussed the importance of digital transformation and its influence on the society, the necessity for a simplification of everyday activities through digital tools and the challenges and dangers such a transformation entails. Mr. Gršić especially underlined the importance of directing the focus of the educational and economic sector to creating a pool of educated IT professionals in Croatia in order to achieve greater economic stability and development of the Croatian society. The panel further discussed the significance of the education of citizens in the use of digital technologies in order to make them more independent and raise their awareness about the new types of threats in the digital world. Additionally, Mr. Gršić emphasized the need for a unified infrastructure in terms of signal coverage within Croatia.

We want to thank everyone for participating and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. If you want to find out more about this topic, visit the website of the Croatian Central Office for the Development of the Digital Society:

You can find the entire discussion on our YouTube channel.
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