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The Croatian Chamber of Economy is one the biggest business networks in Croatia, it promotes interests of its members to government bodies, and connects key sectors of the Croatian economy through the system of county chambers, communities, associations, international representative offices, and international chamber memberships.

By focusing our activities on our members, we provide them with a whole set of services for the purpose of increasing capacities of local entrepreneurs and raising the competitiveness of our economy as a whole.

With the goal of transitioning towards sustainable and socially responsible economy, we strive to help our members with their green transition to low-carbon economy by using the full potential of the 4.0 industry, while at the same time we are supporting the digital transformation of business processes alongside the innovative contribution of the creative and culture industries, all for the purpose of helping businesses create additional value for their products and services.

We provide continued support and promotion of businesses venturing onto foreign markets through our international representative offices.

The Croatian Chamber of Economy will continue to invest its knowledge and experience, accumulated through our rich, more than 170 years old history, for the purpose of giving support to economic operators and further improving the business climate in our country.

The Association of veteran and recreational athletes (DSVR) is conducting programs and projects for the purpose of improving conditions in sports on the city and national level based on experiences from eminent DSVR members, former and present top athletes from more than 30 sports that won more than 300 medals on the Olympics, and in World and European competitions. The goals of DSVR are spreading awareness on the necessity of sports throughout one’s lifetime, promoting the educational function of sports and sportsmanship, mutual understanding, tolerance, and responsibility of all members of the Association, spreading Olympic ideals and promoting zero tolerance policy towards violence, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and all other kinds of discrimination in sports. DSVR develops universal social values, sports ethics, fairy play, humanism, solidarity, moral, and fairness. One of our special goals is the elimination of consequences of engaging in sports beyond a healthy limit and violating the basic values of sports. For combating that, we are highlighting the recreational sports activities by using positive experiences grounded in science (kinesiology, medicine, psychology, sociology, etc.). Recreational activity is also our fundamental zone of interest and activities.

The activities of DSVR are as follows:

  • ongoing education of members and the public about the significance of sport activities by organizing lectures, round tables, conferences, seminars, public forums, and so on,
  • participating in international and local meets, conferences, and veteran competitions,
  • participating in meeting the conditions for providing healthcare to athletes,
  • cooperating with fans for the purpose of improving sport etiquette both on and off the field/court,
  • ongoing cooperation with EU member and other countries for the purpose of international cooperation and promotion of sports from the earliest age.

DSVR continuously cooperates with city, national, and international institutions and associations in order to bring forth constructive suggestions for the purpose of making strategic documents useful for the development of the sport system in the Republic of Croatia.

We have great pride in our already realized, and ongoing projects:

  • EU projekt „Active in Sport Again“,
  • International project for younger athletes “Open Fun Football Schools”,
  • “Women in sports”,
  • “The front and back of top sports” – making the Regulations on health check-ups of athletes,
  • Participation of DSVR VETERAN members in WORLD and EUROPEAN COMPETITIONS.


DynamicWeb is a leading software company, providing solutions that help users increase and optimize their online business. DynamicWeb’s All-in-One Business platform combines the following capabilities – content management, e-commerce, and marketing. It is a robust solution for all kinds of business operations that increases and optimizes customer lifecycle. Currently more than a thousand business entities use more than 12.000 webpages with the help of DynamicWeb’s solution.

LS Retail is the leading comprehensive solution provider for retail, hospitality, and forecourt industries, based on Microsoft Dynamics technology and built on Microsoft’s platform.

We make business easy for retail, hospitality, restaurant, forecourt, and pharmacy companies.  We specialize in software for the retail, hospitality, pharmacy, F&B, and forecourt industries. We believe in technology that is simple to use, easy to expand, and highly reliable. Our software solutions are built on Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, globally known for high availability and for being at the forefront of business technology. 

Since 2021, we have been a part of the Aptos group of companies, contributing to their suite of unified solutions for retail. Aptos, and LS Retail, are owned by the Merchant Banking division of Goldman Sachs, one of the largest managers of private capital globally.

During the past three decades we became a global player, and we are now known for our unified software solutions that help companies.

TRIMIT Group is made up of great people.

We are an international team of more than 140+ highly specialized employees in Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

We represent the world we live in, and we celebrate our diversity in backgrounds and cultures. We are ambitious and successful as individuals, but we understand that no-one is more important than the team.

We act local with global outlook, and our teams collaborate across borders to deliver world-class services to our customers and to help keep ourselves on our toes and get better at what we do. We apply the right people to the right tasks, and we always keep our customer’s best interest at the center of what we do.

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