After meeting and talking with experts in different areas, and obtaining a bunch of new information, what better way to relax than listening to a live band while drinking cold craft beer, cocktails and snacking on tasty finger food?


When? Thursday, October 19, 2023.

Where? @ Bikers Beer Factory, Savska cesta 150, Zagreb

At what time? From 7 p.m.

Your DignetNights “ticket” is your conference accreditation.

You can bring someone to the party, your ticket is a +1 ticket.

Please, tell us the first and last name of your +1 so we can put them on the list.


The DIGNETNIGHTS party was originally conceived as a celebration of our 10th DignetDays conference. When we started thinking about the essentials for this celebration, a few things popped to mind:

- good rock music

- top quality craft beer

- pleasant ambience

All other details were just and upgrade to an already excellent platform.

While working on the organization of this year’s DignetDays conference, the topic of last year’s party naturally imposed itself (all on its own, of course). After remembering stories and events from the party, it was clear that we were all singing the same tune - The Show Must Go On.  The result of our singing is that this year’s DignetNights will also be “BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER”.

The original/cover band PleteRI will help us take our shoes off (you can read more about them here

We will not be serving fossil fuels; however, we sincerely recommend that you definitely try an alternative fuel in the form of Dignet Craft beer and/ Dignet cocktails (for better energy efficiency and smoother dance moves). For energy recovery we also prepared tasty snacks and finger food.

Experts say that no one likes long descriptions, so it would be best if you come in person and see what we have in store. 

Important! – state your first and last name at the BBF entrance, and don’t forget to bring your Conference accreditation!

Join us on October 19, 2023, in BBF, Savska cesta 150, Zagreb, from 7 p.m. Enjoy, relax, and have fun!

Dress code – casual



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